Alice L. George


Historian Alice L. George worked for twenty years as a journalist before receiving her Ph.D. in history from Temple University in 2001. Now working as an independent historian in Philadelphia, she is the author of Awaiting Armageddon: How Americans Faced the Cuban Missile Crisis and Old City Philadelphia: The Cradle of American Democracy, both published in 2003. She also is the researcher/​historian for Challenge and Change: History of the Jews in America, a three-book series aimed at students who are in the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades. She authored Philadelphia: A Pictorial Celebration, published in 2006, and co-authored two volumes in Social History of the United States, released in October 2008. Her forthcoming book, The Assassination of John F. Kennedy: Political Trauma and American Memory, takes a fresh look at one of the previous century's lingering mysteries. This work is scheduled for release on October 6, 2012.

During her career as a journalist, Dr. George worked in a number of positions, including assistant to the managing editors at the Detroit Free Press and deputy managing editor at the Philadelphia Daily News.

Selected Works

This 2013 work takes a fresh look at the world's closest brush with nuclear war.
This book explores the impact of JFK's assassination on the American public and its lingering impact on U.S. politics in the twenty-first century.
Coauthored by Alice L. George, this work takes a fresh look at America's 1950s.
This work, coauthored by Alice L. George, examines the social history of the Roaring Twenties.
A visual study of Philadelphia landmarks and their histories.
"Awaiting Armageddon is an important and eminently readable book..."
An examination of one of the nation's most historic neighborhoods.